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Standard 1.

Mission and Objectives

Standard 2.

Governance and Administration.

Standard 3.

Management of Quality Assurance and Improvement

Standard 4.

Learning and Teaching

Standard 5.

Student Administration and Support Services

Standard 6.

Learning Resourses

Standard 7.

Facilities and Equipment

Standard 8.

Financial Planning and Management

Standard 9.

Employment Process

Standard 10.


Standard 11.

Institutional Releationships with the Community

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  • Raise awareness of the culture of quality and its consolidation.
  • The adoption of the international quality models.
  • Exchange of experiences with organizations and bodies specialized in quality locally and globally.
  • Conducting studies and providing consultation in the field of quality for other university sectors.
  • Development of academic work consistent with the objectives and strategic plans of the University.
  • The pursuit of academic accreditation for the University programs nationally and internationally.
  • Adoption of international standards in the design of programs and curricula and performance assessment.
  • Preparation and implementation of training programs in the field of academic development.
  • Develop skills for faculty members in the area of academic development.
  • Encourage faculty members to attend training programs about quality assurance and enhancement.
  • Cooperation with national and global organizations and bodies concerning quality improvement of higher education

Intended Skills

  • Cognitive, professional and technological skills.
  • Academic, teaching and research-based skills.
  • Leadership and management skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Critical thinking and self feedback skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Self-learning and continuous learning skills.


That the Deanship of Academic Development in Jazan University becomes a leading center in the development and quality of similar centers in the Kingdom and in the world.


Commitment to excellence in the field of academic development and the development of the educational process, achieve accreditation for the University's programs, and the enhancement of the staff and students skills through development of programs and curriculum and progress through the best teaching and learning techniques.

Strategies to achieve the goals

  • Focus on and respect the roles and contributions of faculty staff, administrators and students as they are the participating parties of the teaching and learning process at the university
  • striving to be student-centered and inclusive, drawing on the strengths of our diverse student population in respect of different needs, traditions and cultures
  • developing ways to engage and support students in their studies and related activities and taking account of their views; and
  • establishment and support of specialized units in the academic development at the college's level to implement the Deanship programs
  • dissemination of good pedagogical practices, and encourage of subject research and scholarship
  • keeping up with global technical advances in development of the educational system of the University
  • implementation of training programs, workshops, and production of awareness publications in the field of Academic Development.